Oryx Africa Brand Identity and Website Design


Oryx Africa prides itself in delivering quality products and services to its clients. However, it became crucial to enhance the company’s identity, create a consistent flow across board – web and brand assets. They needed a relatable process that builds confidence in their prospects and help the company stand out.


In simple terms, Oryx Africa already had a face. We are simply tasked to make it appealing, to stir emotions and that is exactly what happened. But… nothing about this is simple. Let’s dig in, shall we?


Responsible for creating the brand identity along with its assets for use accross board – stationery, web and social. 

Tasked with building and modiying web pages and support the tech team with staging the live site.

Work with the team at Oryx Africa to execute and implement briefs and effect required changes and updates.


  • Researched brand strategy

  • Implemeted and designed the Brand Assets

  • Created mockups for proper brand representation

  • Built company website


  • Improved brand perception

  • Strong brand presence on social media

  • Dynamic brand assets for diverse application

The Concept

The Oryx is significant to Oryx Africa brand in unique ways.

An Oryx is the common name given to 3 or 4 different species of large antelopes that live in Africa and the Middle East.

Their horns are very powerful weapons and oryx have been known to kill lions with them, that is why they are sometimes referred to as ‘Sabre Antelopes’.

Source: animalcorner.org

The Oryx may signify strength, resilience and the ability to dare!

Oryx Africa Background

Oryx Africa is a business consultancy company whose expertise cuts across several industries – Engineering Construction and operations, Oil and Gas, Logistics, Food and Beverages, Advertisement, Wholesale distribution, Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals and more.

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